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Immigration Forms Specialist (IFS)

As immigration forms specialists, our dedicated service revolves around aiding individuals in the meticulous process of completing and submitting essential immigration documents to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Whether the purpose is attaining citizenship, seeking asylum, or securing a work visa, we offer comprehensive support. Our services encompass a range of assistance, including document copying, scanning, and thorough completion guidance, both in traditional paper formats and through online submissions, when applicable. Important note: While we are committed to facilitating the administrative aspects of immigration paperwork, we are not attorneys or legal representatives and cannot provide legal advice or be compensated to do so. We cannot represent you during a hearing, but we can refer you to an attorney or legal representative upon request. Our focus is solely on streamlining the document completion process for those navigating the complexities of immigration procedures.

Fees for service include time and resources at a rate of $36 per hour, $5 for each printed application, and a $5 fee for copies of the required evidence per checklist.